Preparing Your Images

When getting your images ready for a competition, there are just a few things you'll need to do. There is more information in the competition rules, but in a nutshell:

Digital Projected Images:

- These should be resized so that they are a maximum of 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels tall.

- You do not need to fill in the empty space around your images - a portrait image would be 1200 pixels tall and maybe only 1000 pixels wide. Similarly, a landscape image may not necessarily use the full allowed height.

- The image must be given a title when uploaded. Please ensure this matches the title given to the printed image (if the submission is for a print category).

Printed Images:

- There is no minimum size, but the full size of the mount must not exceed 50cm x 40cm.

- The title must be shown on the back of the mount.

- A matching digital version of the image must also be uploaded for your entry to count. This should be formatted and uploaded as per the Digital Projected Images guidelines, above. The judge will base their deicison on the printed copy - the digital version is purely used for projection on the evening and for formalising the submission of your entry.

The short video below explains one way to use Photoshop to resize your image for a competition.