General Competition Notes



Monthly competitions are usually held on the first Monday of the months January to October, unless this is a Bank Holiday or for another reason.


Judging is done in the months of February, April, June, August and October by a visiting judge. In the other 5 months voting is done by a ballot of members who select the three best entries in each category. On these occasions, an experienced club member gives an appraisal of each entry.


Please refer to the competition rules. Competitions are open only to honorary and paid-up members. However, prospective members may submit work for appraisal. (See NON-COMPETITIVE ENTRIES below).


All prints must be entered at the club meeting preceding the competition night. All entries must have a title attached.

Digital images must be entered on-line by midnight on the Monday preceding the monthly competition.

When judging is done by the members, the prints are displayed on the boards and members select their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices on the ballot forms provided. After the digital images have been projected, members cast their votes in the same way.

On completion of the voting, the ballot slips are collected and votes counted. Experienced club members appraise the prints and digital images.

Panel Of Appraisers

The Panel of Appraisers consists of members invited by the committee who have agreed to give their views and comments on the images entered in monthly competitions but only on the evenings when the members vote on the entries.

Non-Competitive Entries

Club members and prospective members may submit up to 3 prints and 3 digital images for appraisal only. These submissions will each receive a short critique following the appraisals of the competitive entries. Exceptionally, it may be necessary to limit or reject submissions for appraisal in the event of a high number of competitive entries.

New members may find it beneficial to submit work for appraisal to assess their standard of work before entering competitions.


Print Of The Year (POTY) & Digital Image Of The Year (DIOTY)

These competitions are usually held in October or November and are open to all members who may enter up to 4 prints and 4 digital images. The entries are appraised by an invited judge.


Inter-club challenge match

Periodically the club takes part in a competition with rival clubs. Each club enters an agreed number of images and on the night, a neutral judge comments on each image and awards points for them. The club with the highest aggregate of points wins the challenge.Prior to the competiton, the relevant Competition Secretary will ask members to submit images, from which a selection may be made.

Invitation Competitions

A number of clubs promote annual competitions as part of their annual exhibition and invite other clubs to participate.The rules vary but the relevant Competition Secretary will ask members to submit high quality images from which the required number of entries may be selected.

L&CPU Competitions

The L&CPU also holds a number of annual competitions open to affiliated clubs and their members. Details are announced at club meetings and via email.