A highlight of the SMCC programme is our series of Monthly competitions. Usually divided into three categories, these allow our members to showcase the quality of their work and to receive feedback from visting judges.

Next Competition: July 2021
Judging: 12 Jul 2021 by James Hardy | Submissions open: 15 Jun 2021 | Submissions close: 5 Jul 2021
Member voting open from 6 Jul 2021 until 12 Jul 2021 12:00pm

Previous Competitions

September 2020
Judged: 14 Sep 2020 by Terry Hewitt
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Theme (Mobile Phone Images)
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Lockdown (Images since 3rd August)
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With the Coronavirus situation affecting how we meet and how we can run our competitions, this month's comepetition is following the usual format, rather than the 'fun' evening with non-standard prints and collaboations.

As such, we have our usual 3-round format with Open, Themed (Mobile) and Lockdown rounds.