A highlight of the SMCC programme is our series of Monthly competitions. Usually divided into three categories, these allow our members to showcase the quality of their work and to receive feedback from visting judges.

Next Competition: July 2024
Judging: 8 Jul 2024 by Roger Geldard | Submissions open: 11 Jun 2024 | Submissions close: 1 Jul 2024
Member voting open from 2 Jul 2024 until 8 Jul 2024 12:00pm
Entries per member: 1
Entries submitted: 2
Entries per member: 1
Entries submitted: 0
Theme (Geometric Shapes and Patterns)
Entries per member: 1
Entries submitted: 3

Pleaes note that the them is Geometric shapes & patterns (which includes architecture, abstract and nature aspects)

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Previous Competitions

Fun Competition Night
Judged: 11 Sep 2023 by Member Voting

Category Notes:

New Members - anyone who has joined the club after 6th Sept 2022 (i.e. since the close of the previous New Members competition).

Large Prints - any print which falls outside the 40x50cm maximum size for prints in normal monthly competitions.

In accordance with the club rules, this is an 'annual competition', and so images which have been entered in the monthly competitions are allowed to be reused in these categories where eligible.