A highlight of the SMCC programme is our series of Monthly competitions. Usually divided into three categories, these allow our members to showcase the quality of their work and to receive feedback from visting judges.

Previous Competitions

Fun Competition
Judged: 13 Sep 2021 by Members
Theme (Mobile Phone Images)
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Theme (Large Prints)
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Theme (Collaborative Projects)
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Theme (New Members -joined after 1 September 2019)
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The Fun Competition night will be by member voting.
New member competition will include any new members since September 2019 as the competition was suspended last year due to pandemic.
Camera phone images and new member competition images can be entered on line as normal.

Contact Richard to enter the Large Print and Collaborative Project categories.

Large Print category:  You will need to let Richard know the title and author of any non-standard print you wish to enter, and ensure that you bring it early on the night to ensure it can be presented to members before voting starts.
Collaborative Project category: You will need to let Richard know the title and contributors to any collaborative project to wish to enter and be prepared to speak to your project.