SMCC's GB Cup Entry for 2023

SMCC is proud to display here its selection for the 2023 GB Cup, which is a national competition for all clubs in the PAGB. There are two competitions, Open and Nature. In each case a club can enter 24 images with a maximum of 4 by any author. The entry was selected by Tony North, Martin Malies and Nick Berentzen and submitted on 9th January. The judging takes place on the weekend of Jan 21/22, so the results will be out soon after that.

We have done extremely well in the past - last time we entered, 2 years ago, we came 2nd in nature! We have a strong entry this time, as I'm sure you'll agree when you look at the galleries below, so fingers crossed for success!

Tony North

GB Cup Open 2023

GB Cup Nature 2023