President's Blog - July 2020

Hello all, and welcome to my first ever blog, and in what unusual circumstances.  We are definitely all in this COVID-19 thing together, but my what different pressures it applies to each of us.

I know I mentioned it in one of the zoom meetings, but I am indebted to all those on and off the committee that offered help, advice and assistance over the last few months, without which I’m sure we would have shut down until the new year, like many other clubs.

To John and David who intended to stand down at the postponed AGM

To  Mike and June who have not been able to meet us on the zoom platform and Callum who has been working throughout, and not always been able to join us but ensuring his views have been heard.

To Nick for drafting guidance for speakers and judges

To Marie-Claude and Rob for booking, cancelling and rebooking speakers prepared to provide online assessments and presentations.

To Florence who has stepped in as temporary Secretary

To Kieran who has reviewed the website and produced a competitions paper

To Pete who has devised, implemented, analysed and reported on the club survey. Produced proposals for website publicity and ideas for visitor welcome packs. For operating zoom and dicentra and to Martin backing up in case of technical difficulties.

To Tony for researching on-line platforms, piloting and implementing zoom and for rewriting the clubs rules.

To Seshi for advice on public health issues. To Sue for managing the membership renewals and Naeem for writing then rewriting the budget.

All have served well beyond the call of duty and to those of you that have offered support to me during difficult times (you know who you are), a big thanks from me.

Just to finish, what a shock to hear on 24 June that Olympus are abandoning their camera product range. Such an iconic brand falling under the wheels of the camera-phone revolution. In a rapidly changing world, I wonder who will be next?

Keep safe